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Multiple storage units.

Single workspace.


files in pdf, doc, excel, epub...etc formats.


minutes of video in HD.


Photographs with high resolution.


Songs with high quality.

Find out everything you can do with your storage

Create and  edit

Integration with Google Drive, Office 365 and 300 professional apps to create all types of documents in the cloud, in a cooperative manner with real-time saving, in any storage service, and guarantee that the equipment always works with the file’s most recent version.

Create and edit files with biupBOX
Share files with other people

Share your files

Forget sending emails with attachments. Share everything you want with whoever you want with just a click. Establish permits, passwords and expiration dates to limit access. If the file is too big, you can generate a safe link and send it through chats or email directly.



Connect all your favourite storage services with just one account and Access your files from anywhere. More than 67 GB for free.

Organize and manage

Organize and manage

Drag one or thousands of files to the “Mi biupBOX” unit in order to have them as direct access icons , or move them between the different storage spaces.

For a faster organization, you can use the powerful searcher with filters, see the preview and the details to every file without the need to open or download them.

Media player

With our media player you can play all your music, videos, and favorite movies without the necessity of downloading them since they are accessible from every place and device. Create your own playlists and share them so that anyone can enjoy them.

Media player
Top security

Top security

To offer the highest security possible, we encrypt the passwords before storing them in the database, we use SSL (AES de 256 bits) protocols to encrypt the data offering safe communications, and we use the standard authorized protocol OAuth to connect with the storage services without the need to save or have access to your log-in information.

Modern browsers

Being programmed under HTML5 web technology, it works with all modern browsers. Chome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer 11 and Safari.

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Modern browsers
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